A few video clips that we made a little while ago for fun, lots of great tips and simple ideas for you to follow.

How to make a piping bag

1 minute, 2 seconds

Our Head Teacher Louise Wilson presents "Ask Lou". A quick video showing you how to make your own piping bags for Royal Icing with wax paper.

Making Chocolate Roses

4 minutes, 52 seconds

Our Head Teacher Louise Wilson presents "Ask Lou". An informal demo on how to make easy chocolate roses. To make moulding chocolate or chocolate plastique as it sometimes called, visit our Modelling Chocolate recipe.

How to make a Basic Rosebud

13 minutes, 16 seconds

Learn how to make a beautiful rose using a 5 petal cutter and flower paste.
Our Head Teacher Louise Wilson shows you the different stages of making a rose from the cone on a wire, to adding the calyx and colouring your wire to match.

How to make a cute penguin

6 minutes, 26 seconds

This cute little guy is so easy to make, follow Lou as she shows you how to create his flippers, eyes, beak and feet, then have him hold a snowball!

How to make a Christmas Santa

13 minutes, 17 seconds

In this demo, Louise Wilson shows you how to make a quick and easy Santa that will sit on the top of any cupcake or Christmas cake!

How to make a Christmas candle Cake Topper

7 minutes, 21 seconds

In this video, Louise Wilson teaches you how to create a really effective cake decoration using sugarpaste. She makes a candle with a holly arrangement at the base.

How to make a Holly and Berries Arrangement

6 minutes, 16 seconds

In this clip, Louise Wilson will show you how to use the holly leaf plunger cutters to make an arrangement of leaves and berries that you can use on a Christmas cake.

How to make a simple Christmas Tree

4 minutes, 42 seconds

In this quick video tutorial, our head teacher Louise Wilson shows you how to make a very effective and very simple Christmas tree using sugarpaste and scissors (the glitter and star are optional!). You could also pipe tiny little dots of icing onto the ends, and colour them for baubles, and they look fantastic in white too, with a little white glitter :)