How to use Tylo Powder

Tylo Powder is a synthetic (man made) equivalent of gum tragacanth. It is cheaper than gum-trag and just as simple to use. In the cake decorating world it has several uses, and is considered to be an essential item in your cake decorating toolkit.

You can use Tylo Powder to make your own edible glue, you can turn sugarpaste into modeling paste, and you can use it to make flowerpaste too. Here are a few hints and tips on how to get the best from your Tylo Powder.

Where to buy Tylo Powder

At The Cake Makery we use Tylo Powder all the time, and we now stock this in four different sizes. You can purchase your Tylo Powder here

How to make edible Tylo Glue:

Tylo Glue is made by mixing a quarter teaspoon of Tylo Powder with approx 50ml of water. Leave the lumpy mixture overnight and you will find a wonderful thick glue in the morning.

This glue can be thinned further with water if preferred and is commonly used for model making and flower work.

How to make Modelling Paste

Making Modeling Paste is easy kneading Tylo Powder into sugarpaste (approx a half teaspoon of Tylo to 250g of sugar paste).

More Tylo Powder gives a firmer paste that dries harder but is more inclined to crack while working, knead in a little white fat (Trex) and use white fat on hands and tools to help prevent this.

Modelling paste can also be made by mixing 50/50 flowerpaste with sugarpaste.

Flowerpaste is a fine paste used for flower making and fine modelling and can be rolled extremely thinly. It will dry hard.

Instructions for making flower paste can be found here.

How to make Gunge

'Gunge' is the term we use to describe a very thick glue-paste made from the paste you are using mixed with a small amount of Tylo glue.

This is used for a stronger hold, usually when fixing fully dried pieces of paste together.

The main advantage of 'gunge' is that it can be an exact colour match of the paste you are using for your creation.