Free Tutorials

Here are a few of our favourite recipes, all developed exclusively by The Cake Makery.

The Perfect Cake Recipe

Louise Wilson's recipe for the perfect sponge cake - plain and chocolate cake in eight tin sizes - great for carving and stacking!

How to make Flowerpaste

Recipes to help you make the perfect flowerpaste by hand or stand mixer

Light Fruitcake Recipe

A full recipe for baking a lighter version of our yummy rich fruit cake

Know your paste types!

Do you know the difference between Sugarpaste, Modelling paste and Flowerpaste? Check out our quick guide!

Rich Fruitcake Recipe

Our deliciously rich and moist fruit cake recipe, with chocolate!

How to use Tylo Powder

Making your own edible glue, modelling paste and flower paste will save you money!

Modelling Chocolate

How to make your own modelling chocolate in minutes by adding glucose!