Creative Cupcakes Class

Come and have a play with our extensive range of moulds, cutters, pastes, lustre dusts and more, during this two and a half hour class that will teach you a lot of the basics of the sugarcraft tools out there.

Class Dates Tue 19th Nov, 2019 - 1 space left

Class Details Tutor: Louise Wilson
Time: 10.00am - 2.00pm
Skill Level: Beginner
Cost: £100
Equipment: All equipment and flower paste will be provided.
Cake: We will provide you with 6 cupcakes to decorate.
Class size: This class has a maximum of 6 students.

What will you learn in this class?
  • The basics of baking the perfect cupcake
  • How to make modelling paste
  • Sugarpaste, modelling paste, flowerpaste, Mexican paste, gum paste - what are they all and how will I know when to use them?
  • Covering cupcakes to create a flat surface
  • Creating a buttercream swirl - learn two techniques, swirl and rose
  • Covering cupcakes using texture mats for an embossed and lustred texture of your choice
  • Using Blossom Sugar Art cutters and veiners to create gorgeous flowers
  • How to use plunger cutters to ensure a clean cut every time
  • Using silicone moulds and how to get the paste out for a flawless decoration
  • How to create decorations in moulds using more than one colour
  • Using stamps and embossing tools to create beautiful designs
  • Different lustre dusts for different effects
  • Tips on applying moulded decorations to butter-creamed cupcakes

Why should you come to this class? Do you have trouble getting your decorations out of moulds? Have you ever wondered how the experts get those fiddly little letters out of those tappit strips? Do you long to play with lustre dust and try out lots of different colours or embossing effects? If you answered yes to any of these then we have the perfect evening's entertainment!

Our creative cupcakes class is for beginners although anyone is welcome if you just want to come and play!

Our creative cupcakes class is designed for beginners, although anyone is welcome if you just want to come and play! We will begin by teaching you about the different pastes that we use for covering cakes, creating models and decorations with moulds, plus flowerpaste which is used for more delicate decorations.

You will have the opportunity to play with our embossing mats (over 30 designs) stamps, and texture pins to create a myriad of beautiful tops to place your decorations - we have a wide range of lustre dust colours that you will be able to use to bring glamour to your creations.

The second part of the class will be just as much fun! We will bring out our vast collection of plunger cutters, alphabet moulds, veiners, and flower pressing moulds and show you how to correctly use them for perfect results every time.

You will then be allowed to be as creative as you wish to decorate your cupcakes!

Lou will be on hand to help you create a stunning set of cakes that will wow everyone, and you will go home with lots of tips and techniques that will make your future cupcakes perfect every time.

What will you need to bring to this class? We will supply the cupcakes, buttercream, sugarpaste, flowerpaste and modelling pastes, plus all the equipment, boards and boxes to take your cupcakes home in, so you don't need to bring anything!

The Cake Makery will provide tea, coffee and cold refreshments as needed!

What will you take home from this class? At the end of the class you will have completed six cupcakes, you will also get a box to transport them home in, plus a 27 page, very detailed tutorial (emailed to you) with step by step notes.

The skills you will take home, will ensure your confidence in working with sugarpaste and modelling paste.

Class level This class is for beginners and anyone looking to perfect their skills a bit further, giving you the confidence to recreate the cupcakes or come up with your own designs.

Class times This is a four hour class in the day time from 10am - 2pm. You will get plenty of time to decorate the cupcakes and ask lots of questions without worrying about taking notes. It is a maximum of six students only class, this allows us to give you more personalised teaching and attention.

These photos show some of the designs you could create with our toys
Class dates Tue 19th Nov, 2019 - 1 space left

About your teacher Lou grew up baking and decorating cakes for fun with the family. Her first Christmas cake was made when she was just 15.

Lou's training was originally in graphic design and illustration, and she spent 10 years working in graphics and running her own business. There were always amazing cakes for family and friends' special occasions!

However the arrival of Lou's two children was life changing. A new home-based occupation needed to be found and the old love of baking combined with the natural artistic talent, lead to the birth of Lou's Amazing Cakes.

After more than 20 years of commercial cake decorating, many people have asked after Lou's skills. Amazed that people wanted to learn from her, Lou was tentative when she first started demonstrating her sugarcraft, but quickly found it rewarding and enjoyable. She is an accredited demonstrator for the British Sugarcraft Guild and regularly demos for them around the UK.

When Elly called Lou in early 2011, it came at a time when Lou was rethinking the balance of her business. Lou was considering teaching and passing on her skills on a more full time basis, but still wishing to continue some commercial work as Lou's Amazing Cakes. Meeting with Elly made that development easy and sparked the start of an exciting new sugarcraft school - The Cake Makery.

Lou still makes amazing cakes for customers and now also enjoys passing on her years of experience and knowledge of sugarcraft. She is also regularly featured in Squires Kitchen's Wedding magazine, is one of the Wedding Cake Showroom entrants at the annual Squires Exhibition in Farnham, and won Gold and First Place for her painting on cakes entry in this year’s competition at the show.

The Cake Makery is delighted to have Lou as our head teacher, and she leads the way with her informative classes, leaving her students buzzing with the confidence to go home and use their new skills and tips to create their own amazing cakes.

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