Beginners Chocolate Class

Learn how to temper your chocolate perfectly, create a beautiful chocolate box, Make several different chocolate treats to put inside your gift box to take home. Yum!

Class Dates All of our scheduled classes are now fully booked.
Please contact us to find out when the next ones are planned.

Class Details Tutor: Mark Willis
Time: 6.30pm - 9pm
Skill Level: Beginner
Cost: £60
Equipment: All equipment, chocolate and transfer sheets will be provided.
Class size: This class has a maximum of 6 students.

What will you learn in this class?
  • Chocolate – where it’s from and its types (milk, dark and white)
  • Advice on storing chocolate
  • Tips for working with chocolate
  • What is chocolate bloom and how to avoid it
  • How to temper chocolate and why you need to do it
  • Transfer sheets – what are they and how to use them
  • Using tempered chocolate and transfer sheet to create a chocolate box
  • Using tempered chocolate to create handmade chocolate treats with moulds
  • How to add flavour to your chocolate treats
  • Creating mint and orange sticks (home-made Matchmakers!)
  • Using lustre dusts to colour chocolate

Why should you come to this class? We have created a fantastic beginners chocolate class, teaching you all the tips that will get you started at home making your own sumptuous chocolate delights.

Mark will begin by showing you how to correctly temper chocolate so that you can work with it. He will share his expertise on the different types of chocolate that is available today, and tips and advice on working with and storing your chocolate.

Then you will move onto creating the structure of your chocolate box, where you will use a transfer sheet to create a pretty decorative exterior. YOu will use templates to cut out the sides of the box, and piped chocolate to hold it all together!

While your chocolate box is setting, we will teach you how to use chocolate moulds and you will create a few different treats (flavoured to your liking!) to put into your gift box, such as peppermint cripsy sticks (similar to Matchmakers), sugared decorations, chocolates from the moulds and more.

What will you need to bring to this class? We supply the chocolate, transfer sheets, tools and equipment, Apron and a box to take your chocolate box home in.
The Cake Makery will provide tea, coffee and cold refreshments as needed!

What will you take home from this class? You will take home your finished, decorated chocolate box, with all the treats you make to fill it!
We will also provide you with a cake box to take your chocolate box home in.
Each student will also be given our detailed 13 Page PDF tutorial (emailed to you after the class) that Mark has written to accompany this class, giving full instructions, so you don't need to take any notes during class!

Class level This class is for beginners and anyone looking to have a play with chocolate, we will teach you the basics of working with this wonderful medium!

Class times This is a two and a half hour class with a maximum of six students. This allows us to give you more personalised teaching and attention.

These photos show the chocolate box you will create during this class
Class dates All of our scheduled classes are now fully booked.
Please contact us to find out when the next ones are planned.

About your teacher Mark discovered the world of sugarcraft in 2005 and has been indulging this passion ever since.

He has attended sugarcraft, baking and chocolate courses at Squires Kitchen International School, Farnham and the Callebaut UK Chocolate Academy, Banbury.

In May 2009 Mark became an Accredited Demonstrator for the British Sugarcraft Guild and frequently demonstrates his skills, particularly in chocolate, to branches of the British Sugarcraft Guild, National Sugar Art Association, WI and independent cake decorating and sugarcraft groups.

He joined The Cake Makery in 2013, and has shown many students already that chocolate is a fun and easy medium to work with when you know a few tricks of the trade!

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