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Our classes are small so that you get the training that you have paid for. The tutorials that go with every class are like no other.
Very detailed written instruction, accompanied by lots of photos and templates. We provide all the equipment and pastes,
just come along, have fun and learn a new skill!

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Start a cake business - and make it work

Be brave and take the next step. This class will show you how to turn your hobby into a successful business.

Basic Cake Decorating Class

Learn the basics of cake covering, modelling, wired flowers and piping on this two day class for beginners.

Corset Class

Master cake carving several fabric techniques including lace, ribbon and stencilling while making this stunning cake.

Painting on Cake Class

We cover several painting techniques in this amazing two day class. It's much easier than you think, no artistic ability required!

Wedding Cake Class

Everything you need to know about wedding cakes from design to delivery. New to weddings? this class is a must!

Double Tier Cake Class

This class covers creating sharp edges plus big flowers. The Peony, Poppy and a Rose are the focus of this three day class.

Gravity Defying Cake Class

Raise your cake making skills to the next level and learn the secrets of suspending a heavy cake in thin air!

Cute Car Class

Can you see underneath your vehicle cakes? Learn some great tips on carving and raising the car off the board.

Cake Carving for Beginners

A great introduction to cake carving - go home with a stylish and stunning handbag that is totally edible!

Christmas Fruit Cake

Just after dinner on Christmas day, everyone loves a bit of Christmas fruit cake! this year that cake can be made and decorated by you!.

Couture Cupcakes class

The art of elegant cupcakery. Learn how to decorate six gorgeously vintage cupcakes, that make a great gift for any occasion.

Creative Cupcakes class

Learn to use plunger cutters, moulds and embossing sheets correctly. We'll teach you how, and let you play with our cake toys!

Modelling - Bride & Groom

Leave this class with a standing bride and a sitting groom - after you have learned how to properly dress them of course!

Piping, Writing and Lettering

The basic principles of great piping are very easy when you know how. We cover lots of basic piping tricks in this one day class.

Wired Roses Class

We'll teach you how to create stunning wired roses, with leaves and buds that will last a lifetime.

Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.
Class Calendar
September 2019
Painting on Cakes Class - Thu 19th Sep (2 days - Sept 19th - 20th) - CLASS FULL
October 2019
Couture Cupcakes - Fri 4th Oct - only 1 space left
Handbag - Cake Carving - Tue 8th Oct - only 1 space left
Wired Sugar Roses - Fri 11th Oct - only 1 space left
Basic Cake Decorating - Thu 17th Oct (2 days - October 17th - 18th) - CLASS FULL
Double Tier cake with Peony, Rose and Poppy Class - Tue 22nd Oct (3 days, October 22nd - 24th) - only 1 space left
November 2019
Basic Cake Decorating - Thu 7th Nov (2 days - November 7th - 8th) - CLASS FULL
Professional Wedding Cake - Wed 13th Nov (3 days - November 13th - 15th) - CLASS FULL
Creative Cupcakes - Tue 19th Nov
Christmas Fruit Cake Class - Thu 21st Nov (2 days - November 21st - November 22nd) - only 2 spaces left
December 2019
Basic Cake Decorating - Tue 3rd Dec (2 days - December 3rd - 4th) - only 3 spaces left
Painting on Cakes Class - Wed 11th Dec (2 days - December 11th - 12th) - only 3 spaces left
January 2020
Basic Cake Decorating - Thu 9th Jan (2 days - Jan 9th - 10th 2020) - only 4 spaces left
Professional Wedding Cake - Wed 15th Jan (3 days - Jan 15th - 17th 2020) - only 4 spaces left
Handbag - Cake Carving - Thu 23rd Jan - only 4 spaces left
Couture Cupcakes - Fri 24th Jan
Cute Car Class - Thu 30th Jan (2 days - Jan 30th - 31st) - only 4 spaces left
February 2020
Double Tier cake with Peony, Rose and Poppy Class - Wed 5th Feb (3 days, Feb 5th - 7th 2020) - CLASS FULL
Basic Cake Decorating - Tue 11th Feb (2 days - Feb 11th - 12th 2020) - CLASS FULL
Piping, Writing & Lettering - Wed 26th Feb - CLASS FULL
Wired Sugar Roses - Fri 28th Feb - CLASS FULL
March 2020
Painting on Cakes Class - Wed 4th Mar (2 days - March 4th - 5th 2020) - CLASS FULL
Creative Cupcakes - Tue 10th Mar - CLASS FULL
Basic Cake Decorating - Thu 12th Mar (2 days - Mar 12th - 13th 2020) - CLASS FULL
Couture Cupcakes - Wed 18th Mar - CLASS FULL
People Modelling - Bride & Groom - Thu 19th Mar - CLASS FULL
Professional Wedding Cake - Wed 25th Mar (3 days - March 25th - 27th 2020) - CLASS FULL
Handbag - Cake Carving - Tue 31st Mar - CLASS FULL
April 2020
Start a cake business - and make it work - Thu 2nd Apr - CLASS FULL